New? Reprogram? Rental? No Worries.

We integrate with hundreds of systems. We also offer some of the most popular equipment options for merchants that won’t break the bank.

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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

What is your most affordable rental?

We offer 7 different terminals starting at $35 a month with no contract.

What can I expect to spend on a new terminal?

That ultimately depends on your business and needs. Our gateways are $10. Our mobile based swipers start at $99, and our terminals start at under. $500. Our more expensive solutions retail around $20,000 and are designed to replace labor costs.

I have a terminal; can I use it with ClymbPayments?

There are always extenuating circumstances, but if the terminal is purchased, supports the latest security, and is not restricted by manufacturer, then chances are, we can. We charge a small reprogram fee. We support 864 different payment solutions.

Featured Product:
Clover Station Duo

What Makes Us Recommend This Product?

We regularly integrate this system into other business solutions we provide. When paired with Xero, accounting work is slashed in half. It’s also has the ability to pair with ClymbCRM which simplifies and automates workflows.

While this system is expensive, it more than makes up for its initial cost by reducing hundreds of labor hours annually.

The Clover Station Duo:


• Native 4G connectivity

• Fully integrated EMV, NFC and MSR payment
acceptance (on the customer-facing terminal)

• Fingerprint login for up to 50 employees
• State-of-the-art processor supports improved
transaction processing and app performance

• Streamlined connection (tethering) between the
merchant-facing display and customer-facing terminal
via one cord for both power and data transmission

• Improved order accuracy, customer engagement and
loyalty program facilitation

$ 2000